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The Sound

Journey Experience

a sound bath meditation 

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"The Universe responds to the direction you are moving and feeling on the inside, lose your attachment to the external desired outcome of all things and let the Source of Creation move us like it has moved life since the beginning of time; with Peace, Love, Light and Sound... "



The Sound Journey Experience uses various instruments from around the world combined with modern technology to bring a truly immersive experience. 

Intention Of


The Sound Journey Experience is presented with the intention of bringing the mind and body to the state of peace and harmony. 



We use various frequencies and tunings to create focused atmospheres and soundscapes for a deeper experience.

Binaural Audio Experience

Some events use wireless headphones in addition to live sound to give listeners a more intimate setting with the sound.

A live sound meditation
bringing you deeper within the journey of life...

The Sound Journey Experience is a live 3D audio meditation experience with the intention of bringing peace to the mind, body, and spirit. The Sound Journey offers an at home binaural audio experience for patrons to listen to in the comfort of their home.


I was swept up in a dance of emotions and visions that seemed to be created by the vibrations of the instruments being played. Eventually, I felt no weight, no tension, no aches, and a deep rooted peace that lingered on and has since stayed with me. When I woke the following morning after my first sound healing I felt significantly more balanced then I had felt in the past. This gift of harmonious melodies orchestrated by the hearts and hands of David truly inspired to bring healing to all that attend and beyond!”

With great gratitude,


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