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  • What should I bring to a live event?
    Always come prepared for comfort and warmth. Many participants come with their own blankets or yoga mats. Some private events will have these items supplied. You are welcome to bring your own water or eye covers. Details of the event and what will be supplied will always be included in event emails.
  • What is binaural Audio?
    Binaural Audio is an audio mixing and/or recording method that gives the listener the experience of listening to three dimensional sound using only stereo headphones. This recording method is not to be confused with binaural beats, which are two different frequencies played together that create an intersecting pattern of sound or rhythm.
  • How early should I arrive to get a good spot for the event?
    Patrons are always welcome to arrive at the doors and stand in line for our events as early as they wish. Doors will open 30 minutes before the event begins. We seat patrons in the begining of the line closest to the performers.
  • Can I expect to have an experience?
    The experience of life is always how you perceive it to be. Never be attached to outcome, but rather be open to anything without expectation. Our participants have reported experiences from absolutely nothing, to flying through the clouds into other dimensions and worlds. Be open to anything, but attached to nothing.


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